Fuck Your Ethnicity

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"If I live to be 50, I’mma still be a tipsy old man listening to Biggie."

- Slug (Atmosphere)

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Bizarre Ride II

Not a single day goes by in my life where hip hop isn’t present, through conversation, my clothing or on the radio. Hip hop is my life


SZA x ScHoolboy Q

Nas x Jay Z






The second child killed in New Orleans in 3 days. I love my Tumblr followers, y’all reblog the hell out a Beyoncé post but ignore every single post about what’s going on in New Orleans. I’m not even sure why I expect any of you to be phased, our own politicians and police department don’t care either. But I, as well as thousands of other New Orleanians, will continue to stand for change. And we will not stop until our voices are heard. RIP baby girl

Rest in Peace Baby Gurl 💫



I see that’s y crime stoppers has the text option now here…I hope people will utilize it..RIP

This just breaks my heart. Violence against children is getting worse and worse.

Earl Sweatshirt, just before they went on.
Santa Ana, 2012.

The dynamic duo.
Tonight was my very last soccer banquet for South Hills and Mayra has been such a huge part of these past four years. I had the privilege of playing with her for two years and this year I had the privilege of being coached by her. She is an amazing player who shares the same passion for soccer that I have and she has become more than a friend over the years, she’s become a sister and a mentor to me. I admire her skills and talent so much and am so grateful to have met her as a tiny, immature, bossy freshmen and to have maintained our relationship all throughout my high school years. I love her so much and wouldn’t be where I am today without her. 💕⚽️👭 #soccersisters #bigbootysistersforlife #huskies #specialteam  (at Casa Moreno)

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